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Updated results of the third National Forest Inventory in the Czech Republic (2016-2020)

Since June 2023, several articles presenting updated and complemented results of the Czech NFI3 (2016-2020) were published in the national forestry journal 'Lesnická práce' (LP). With permisison of the journal, the first set is made available for download, see the news from 19 February 2024.

A seminar on the methodology of minimum hunting plan derivation

A new methodology of the derivation of minimum hunting plans based on the intensity of forest damage by game was presented at a seminar on 26 April 2023. A comprehensive information on forest damage by game was presented based on the two latest National Forest Inventory cycles, NIL2 (2011-2015) and NIL3 (2016-2020). For more information see the news from 4 May 2023.

Results of the third National Forest Inventory in the Czech Republic (2016-2020)

The Czech National Forest Inventory has been a source of reliable information about the condition and development of Czech forests since the launch of its first cycle in 2001. As part of the third National Forest Inventory in the Czech Republic (NFI3), the Forest Management Institute (ÚHÚL) conducted data collection between 2016 and 2020. For further information, see the news from 3 January 2023.

Methodology for hunting planning based on the impact of game on the forest

The newly proposed methodology (CZ) allows the calculation of a hunting plan with the aim of gradually achieving game numbers that do not cause more than sustainable damage to the forest and its functions. For further information, see the news from 22 June 2022.

Field instuctions of the Czech NFI3

For download we offer The instructions of the Czech NFI3 (2016-220) field data collection (CZ). These instructions will often be referenced from upcoming NFI3 results publications.

Growing stock in 2019

ÚHÚL prepared and offers to download a technical report (CZ) containing the results of updated estimates regarding the growing stock in 2019. The analysis updates and deepens the previously published information regarding the growing stock in the Czech Republic, see the news from 13 March 2020.

A book with the results of the Czech NFI second cycle (2011–2015)

The electronic version (pdf, 80 MB) is available online (CZ).

A conference called A century of national forest inventories – informing past, present and future decisions

took place from 19 to 23 May 2019 in Sundvolden, Norway. At this conference, a presentation of Scalable pan-European model-assisted biomass estimation was delivered. It introduced a concept of statistical evaluation and the nFIESTA information system.

The Diabolo project

The Czech NFI experts participated in the H2020 Diabolo project and this final report is one of its outputs. The report deals with estimation methodology, the nFIESTA information system and a pilot study focused on the estimation of forest parameters in large areas, e.g. the whole of Europe.

The NFI 2019 calendar

Appendices of the Lesnická práce (Forestry Work) magazine

XIX Conference of Foresters – Hradec Králové, 9 November 2016

The unpublished results of the second National Forest Inventory cycle were presented at this conference. Presentations are available to download here in the Czech language.

The 2nd International Workshop on Forest Inventory Statistics

The workshop was organised by ÚHÚL Brandýs nad Labem in collaboration with the Swiss WSL in Kroměříž, 24–26 May 2016. Workshop proceedings are available for download.

Presentations of workshop participants:

GISLZE 2016 – Brno, February 2016

ÚHÚL experts spoke on the following topics at the conference entitled Practical Use of GIS in Forestry and Agriculture:

XVIII Conference of Foresters – Hradec Králové, November 2015

  • Single proceedings in the Czech language were issued from the conference on the National Forest Inventory.

Meeting held in connection with the 80th anniversary of ÚHÚL – Brandýs n. L., October 2015

The presentations from four presenters in the Czech language are summarised below:

A lecture on the NFI at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Mendel University in Brno) – Brno, April 2015

The presentations of two speakers in the Czech language are summarized below:

  • General lecture on the National Forest Inventory in the Czech Republic (M. Kučera)
  • Lecture on the NFI methodology (R. Adolt)

WSL conference – Birmensdorf, March 2015

Radim Adolt presented the paper dealing with methodology of NFI estimations.

ForestSAT conference – Riva del Garda, November 2014

Two Czech speakers took part at the conference.

A lecture on the NFI at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Mendel University in Brno) – Brno, April 2014

Radim Adolt lectured on the NFI (CZ).

A Sensible Forest Policy – Kroměříž, April 2014

At the conference held to the 120th anniversary of the foundation of the Archbishop Forest Management Office in Kroměříž, R. Adolt had a general lecture on the National Forest Inventory in the Czech Republic. This presentation can be downoaded from the poster, which was the outline of the whole presentation (CZ).

Trade Fair Silva Regina – BVV Brno, April 2014

R. Adolt presented methodological principles of the National Forest Inventory (CZ) at the largest fair in the Czech Republic.

Sampling methods in forest and land inventory – Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Mendel University in Brno), January 2014

Radim Adolt took part at the summer course and the themes of his presentations in the Czech language are summarised below:

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Mendel University in Brno), December 2013

Filip Hájek presented the contribution about the usage of photogrammetry and remote sensing in the NFI for the LANDTEAM project.

USEWOOD training school – Dublin, September 2013

In the terms of the project USEWOOD Radim Adolt spoke about the possiblities of statistical evaluation within NFIs. The presentations are displayed below:

ForestSAT conference – Lugo, September 2010

Radim Adolt and Filip Hájek introduced the poster about the improvement of forest area estimation with additional layers from remote sensing.


The following documents on the NFI methodology and results are free to download and distribute. You can also find here presentations from various events attended by NFI members.

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