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Results in context


A book with the results of the NFI second cycle,
2011–2015 (CZ)

Supplements of the Lesnicka prace (Forestry Work) magazine with selected results of the NFI second cycle (CZ):

December 2016 12. Biomass
November 2016 11. Damage by game
October 2016 10. Dead wood
September 2016 9. Forest regeneration
July 2016 8. Age structure
June 2016 7. Tree species composition
May 2016 6. Change of growing stock
April 2016 5. Stem mortality
March 2016 4. Wood increment
February 2016 3. Felling
January 2016 2. Growing stock
December 2015 1. Forest area

Conference proceedings:

Proceedings of XIX Conference of Foresters with partial results of the NFI second cycle (CZ)
Proceedings of XVIII Conference of Foresters with selected outputs of the NFI second cycle (CZ)

NFI results

Select available NFI results according to your requirements.

Target topic (?)
The target topic is divided in two groups. There are criteria of sustainable
forest management (SFM) according to Forest Europe in the first group
and additional criteria in the second group.



Unit of measurement




Geographic domain

Attribute type (?)
Estimates defined as the proportion of two estimates of the total
can be sorted by the numerator and denominator at the same time,
which is expressed by extending the classification criterion name
by the word of ‘proportion’.
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