Ústav pro hospodářskou úpravu lesů Brandýs nad Labem

Data collection of the Czech NFI3 (2016 - 2020) has been finished. Evaluation of main NFI3 results and their publication will follow throughout the whole year 2021.

For the time being, interrested readers can download The instructions of the Czech NFI3 (2016-2020) field data collection (CZ). These instructions will often be referenced from upcoming NFI3 results publications.

ÚHÚL prepared and offers to download a technical report (CZ) containing the results of updated estimates regarding the growing stock in 2019. These estimates are based on the NFI3 and remote sensing data. The analysis updates and deepens the previously published information regarding the growing stock in the Czech Republic, see the news from 13 March 2020.

The previous study was based on the data from 2018 while the data from the field survey in 2019 were used for the current analysis. Regarding 2019, it was thus possible to provide detailed information on the growing stock of all Czech forests and not only on the growing stock of mostly coniferous stands undamaged till September 2019 by a bark beetle calamity.